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Great Bread,
Baked Daily

The beating heart of Lepp's Daily Market is our small but mighty bakery. Every day our team creates delicious loaves from the best quality ingrediets. 
From Sourdough, to pan loaves to specialty baking to ALL the buns, if you love it, we bake it. 



Great Ingredients

Great bread starts with great ingredients. We proudly use Anitas Organic Flours for all of our loaves. 

Hand Made

We bake using traditional methods and our team diligently works to ensure that that our product is consistently delicious.


Our Sourdough is baked daily, alongside buns for our Sandwich Shop, and bread for our partners. It's as fresh as it gets.

This MOnths SpecialTy Sourdough:

Olive with Lemon and Thyme

OUr BRead

Our Sourdough is baked in the traditional method with only Anita's Organics Flours, Water, Salt and Wild Yeast. Our Sourdough selection includes:

Classic Sourdough - 100% Organic Unbleached Flour

Whole Wheat - Blended Organic Red Fife and Spelt 

Our Sandwich Loaves are baked with Anita's Organic flours and only natural ingredients. They are light, soft and Chewy and are perfect everyday bread.

What we bake: Classic White, Whole Wheat, Alpine Loaf, Cinnamon Raisin & Cheddar Scallion Loaf

From Torpedo Rolls for our sub shop, to dinner rolls, burger and hotdog buns, if you love buns, we're turning them out.

Alongside our bread, the team is always baking up delicious sweet and savoury creations. From Cinnamon Bins, Cookies to Sweet Loaves and Cakes, we're always kooking for the next great snack. 


Want to Sell Our Bread?

We're opening slots in our bread making schedule for select partners. If you're looking for top-quality, locally made bread get in touch.

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