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Daily Meal Kits

Daily Meal Kits

Lemony Orzo & Brown Butter Mushrooms

Is Orzo the best pasta you’ve never cooked? This plant based pasta might just replace spaghetti night!


1 Cup Orzo Pasta
2 Cups white or cremini mushrooms
1 small Yellow Onion
1 Lemon
1 TBSP Better Than Bouillon Chicken Stock
3 TBSP unsalted butter
2-3 Cloves of Garlic
2-3 Sprigs Thyme
Olive Oil

How To:

  1. Finely Dice your Onion and smash and mince Garlic. Using a vegetable peeler, remove three 1” wide zests from your lemon. Tear mushrooms into equal sized pieces and set aside.
  2. Put a large Skillet or Dutch Oven over Medium Heat, adding 2 TBSP Olive Oil
  3. Add Onion and soften for 3-5 Min. Add ⅔ Garlic and a pinch of Red Pepper, cook for another minute or so.
  4. Add Orzo and Lemon Zests, and mixing with a wooden to toast with onion mixture.
  5. Raise heat & add 1 heaping TBSP or Better than Boullion Chicken Stock & 3C of hot water, stirring with a spoon until boiling. Reduce heat to simmer.
  6. Stir constantly for ≈15 min while liquids reduce, cooking the orzo.
  7. Alongside your orzo, bring a second pan to medium heat and add mushrooms to the pan, toasting dry for 2-4 Min unil they begin to brown and become fragrant.
  8. Add 3 TBSP Butter and remaining garlic, tossing until butter foams and begins to brown. Toss in Thyme leaves and reduce heat.
  9. Portion out Orzo, then spoon mushroom mixture overtop of bowls
  10. Serve with grated parmesan cheese and enjoy!

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