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Come Work With Us

Come Work With Us

Produce Clerk

Connect our guests with the best that local farmers have to offer; engage and educate our guests with what’s fresh and in season.

A successful produce clerk hits the ground running, self-motivated to stay one step ahead of the day’s activities. They use their time wisely and efficiently, but are never too busy to interact with our guests, answering questions and helping them locate the ingredients that they’re looking for. Their organizational skills and attention to detail are huge assets that ensure the produce displays and back stock are always at their best. When there is down time, or other areas of the store are bustling, they are happy to give a helping hand, jumping in wherever else is needed!

Performance Expectations


Our guests just love the fresh produce displayed in our market, particularly in the summer when locally farmed produce fills the majority of this department. They depend on us for the freshest, best tasting fruits and vegetables that they can get their hands on – and it doesn’t happen by accident. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that our displays are constantly stocked and rotated, knowledgeably caring for the products to keep them fresher for longer. With an ever changing selection, our team is responsible for staying on top of signage and pricing to accurately convey information. Guests know they can count on our team for storage and cooking tips, or get an opinion when they’re looking to venture out and try new products.

Development Opportunities

  • Gain confidence in customer service.
  • Work closely with our Farm Market Team learning proper storage, purchasing tips, cooking ideas, what products are in season, and how weather plays a role in availability.
  • Strengthen your teamwork skills. 

Ready to become a fanatical day maker?

We’d love to meet you! Bring your cover letter and resume to Daily to apply. For best results, speak with our General Manager Stephanie or our Operations Manager Daniela.